Colorado Part II: Rocky Mountain National Park

This is part II of my recent trip to Colorado. Check out part I to Colorado Springs here.

It's been nearly two months since my vacation to Colorado, but I sure do miss it - especially after finally being able to go through the photos.

A view of Sundance Mountain and surrounding mountains near the Forest Canyon Overlook

Going to Rocky Mountain National Park was definitely my favorite part about the whole trip, since the sheer beauty and scenery similar to the Pacific Northwest made me feel right at home.

Looking out at Arrowhead Lake and the Rock Cut Mountains in RMNP

Of course, RMNP is also very different from Washington. Since I was at a base elevation of around 8,000 feet - higher than the peak elevation of Mount Olympus - the higher I climbed, the quicker the weather and geographical features changed.

A view of the Gore Range at a lookout point in RMNP.

It went from hot and clear skies to windy and stormy weather within minutes. Prior to visiting, I did some research though, and found out that August is the best time of year to visit RMNP - since the main road up the mountain is closed for the majority of the year due to snow.

There was a huge herd of Elk right below this hill, overlooking the Rock Cut mountains.

The mountain ranges appeared to endlessly fade into the background, and the soft, delicate Tundra near the top was truly a beautiful sight to behold. I even saw a herd of Elk grazing one of the hills (something we see here in the PNW a lot!)

A view of the hill and Tundra from the Ute Trail on RMNP

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most beautiful places - if not the most beautiful - that I've ever been to. I will definitely be coming back again soon!

My Girlfriend standing atop a rock near the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Zach Taiji

Zach Taiji

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