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2016 Port Angeles Senior Portraits: Sydney

Late last year I had the opportunity to travel out to Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula to take some senior portraits of Sydney.

We went a little east of Port Angeles to Morse Creek, and took photos along the river, bridge and an older building - I think it's an older ranger station.

Anyways, below are a few photos from the set. As always, feel free to get in touch.










Senior Portraits: Precious Memories That Last a Lifetime

Precious moments and memories occur every second of our lives at the blink of an eye - or at the click of a shutter, as we're able to visualize the emotion conveyed through an image. In this essence, a photo really does mean a thousand words.

Sometime between Summer and Fall each year, an opportunity arises to create such moments that can last a lifetime, and generations - otherwise known as Senior Portrait season. The challenge to capturing such everlasting and precious moments is that we often times, as a photographer, only have one chance to get everything right.

A Senior Portrait can last generations - as the subject's children pass the photo down to their children. Because of this