AUTHOR: Zach Taiji

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Dogs: A Lifelong Dedication

Even though dogs can't communicate on a human level, they still share and experience the same great memories with their owners - which creates a special bond. They're here for us during the worst times of sorrow and hardship by snuggling up with us and providing a sense of relief, making them completely selfless beings full of compassion. Unfortunately like all things in this world, their lives eventually come to an end. In one of the…

Senior Portraits: Precious Memories That Last a Lifetime

Precious moments and memories occur every second of our lives at the blink of an eye - or at the click of a shutter, as we're able to visualize the emotion conveyed through an image. In this essence, a photo really does mean a thousand words.

Sometime between Summer and Fall each year, an opportunity arises to create such moments that can last a lifetime, and generations - otherwise known as Senior Portrait season. The challenge to capturing such everlasting and precious moments is that we often times, as a photographer, only have one chance to get everything right.

A Senior Portrait can last generations - as the subject's children pass the photo down to their children. Because of this