4 Tips to Guarantee 100+ Relevant Followers A Week

4 Tips to Guarantee 100+ Relevant Followers A Week

Have you ever wanted to create a strong Twitter following? Don't take the easy way out - anyone can pay for 10,000 or more followers - but that's the completely wrong way to do it, since your twitter news feed will be full of shameless marketing, spam, and NSFW content. Below are our tips to build a relevant following, that can ultimately bring in future relationships and customers to your business:

Use Tweepi to follow lists.

If you're not using Tweepi, we recommend you start soon. Forget having to manually follow each and every person by hand (only recommended if you're dealing with a very high profile account). With Tweepi, you can follow users by Twitter Lists, or even import your own list. Then you can sort and select by a variety of factors including Last Tweeted, number of followers, and more. We recommend following 150-200 people a day. Then cleanup people who don't follow back within a few days - which you can do with the same tool.

Mention your sources in articles

You should always make it a habit to mention your sources when posting articles to Twitter. A simple "via @source" will go a long way - the user will often times comment back and follow you. At the least, they'll appreciate you giving them credit for their work.

Retweet, Comment, and Favorite

Posting your own content, whether it's original or from another source is great - but unless you're Mashable or another huge source of media, you'll need to engage with other users to build a larger following. Monitoring your news feed several times a day, and retweeting interesting posts, or even commenting (which is much better because it allows for further engagement) on them increases your chances of getting followed. People will see that you're genuine, and not just some robotized account pumping out constant news.

Hashtags, Hashtags, and more Hashtags

OK, you don't have to go overboard and Tweet something like "#check #out #this #awesome #iphone #case: awesomeiphonecase.com". Keep your hashtags to no more than 4 a Tweet, and make sure they're relevant. In this case (no pun intended), we'd post something like "Check out this awesome #iPhone case: LINK #gadgets #smartphones". Proper use of hashtags increases your SEO visibility, and if regularly post interesting content utilizing them, people are bound to follow you.

Zach Taiji

Zach Taiji

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